About Julian Cowan Hill

Welcome to Quieten, the App that helps you let go of tinnitus.

After 20 years of moderate/extreme symptoms, Julian Cowan Hill found Craniosacral Therapy (CST) that improved his condition steadily. After 6 months of intensive, hands-on treatment he woke up in silence proving that the negative messages he had been told about tinnitus were not true. A combination of Craniosacral Therapy, Psychotherapy and a healthy diet, along with an ability to self-soothe through body practices such as yoga and tai chi have helped Julian live a largely tinnitus free life since 2002.

Julian Cowan Hill’s YouTube channel has helped many people get onto the road to recovery. He now brings you Quieten which brings a combination of videos, meditations and reassurances that can help you find a steady path out of this condition.

Quieten has no space for unhelpful or stressful messaging beneath the videos. Julian wants to generate a positive and constructive mindset to help you let go of the ringing. He is happy to help people with their struggles in private therapy sessions, however, on Quieten he wants to minimise stress and negative messages about tinnitus, which can be counterproductive. Julian actively advises you not to expose yourself to negativity on the internet. Tinnitus is a stress-related symptom, therefore calming, soothing interactions will help you find a more peaceful state. The main function of hearing is to protect you from danger, so finding safety, trust and well-being in yourself and in your interactions with those around you is very helpful for quietening down the alarm-bells!

If you have any ideas for talks, videos or meditations, or would like to give feedback that can help improve the quality and benefit of this App for people using it, please get in contact via email:


Thank you.

In the meantime, I wish you a steady recovery!

Julian Cowan Hill